Reasons behind Foundation

  • In view of distancing away from the religions treasures due to modern world’s linguistic trend and disinterest in mother tongue, it is needed that concise comprehensive write-ups and translation should be made available to create religious awareness.
  • Even in this age of advancement specially in IT sector, there are many Shia localities, much backward educationally, and are miles away from religious education such as Quran & religious commandments as religious scholars are unable to reach there. So it is our responsibility to try for their education to the possible extent in this occultation of Imam-e-Zamana (A.F.)
    Since long, the members of the Foundation have been trying to solve the religiosocial, problems. Finally we could get opportunity to put them before the Late Ustad Allama ash-Shaikh Mohammad Husain an-Nasiri (t.b.),Mumbai, they have encouraged us a lot.
  • Means of Progress & Consolidations
  • To help through Shara’I amounts (Khums, Zakar etc.)
  • To extend help to the Foundation from time to time.
  • To become a life Member of a General Member of the Foundation.