The Trust was founded in 2003 CE and named after an epithet of Imam-e- Asr, the Ultimate Saviour of the Humanity ( our souls be ransom to him ) . Its foundation was particularly to make every possible effort to impart right training to children and youths of the advanced age to elevate their academic quality

  • Writing, compiling & Translating Islamic books in modern languages.
  • Publishing of Religious, Training, Moral, BI-Monthly Urdu-Hindi (Reg.)
    Mu’ammal Magazine.
  • Establishment of a Mu’ammal Islamic Education Center
  • Conduct Sunday Dini Classes for Youth
  • Short Term Classes
  • Conducting seminars and academic Symposium on various occasions
  • Book Reading and essay-making competitions
  • Free medical camp for needy people
  • To help in propagating the religious commandments.
  • To establish Qur’anic Centers and Reading Rooms at different places as per need.